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Due Process mechanism started in Kaduna State with the passage of the Law in May, 2007 that gave birth to the Bureau of Budget Implementation, Monitoring and Price Intelligence (BBIM&PI). The Law ensures that all procurement/contracts openness, transparency, accountability, competition, cost effectiveness and value for money (VfM). On 1st June, 2016
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Functions & Powers of the Authority

Activities of Kaduna State Public Procurement Authority

The functions of Kaduna State Public Procurement Authority are as follows: Formulate the general policy guidelines and implement regulations relating to public procurement in the Kaduna State and its Local Governments. Publicise and explain the provision of the Law; Supervise the implementation of established procurement policies and regulations; Monitor the
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Functions & Powers of the Board

Consider, review, and approve the monetary threshold for the applications of the provisions of the Law by procuring entities; Consider and approve policies formulated by the management of the Authority on public procurement; Approve any procurement guidelines or regulations to be made pursuant to this law; Approve the employment of
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